Wilibod Ratfork

This friendly halfling is almost never seen without his "magnum opus," the ratfork, in hand.


Wilibod is short and thin, even for a halfling. He keeps his curly black hair long underneath a ratskin cap. He favors drab colors, and is usually a bit dusty from his job. His ratfork, a three-tined steel head mounted on three-foot stick, is Wilibod’s most prized possession; he designed it himself. Wilibod is rarely seen alone unless working. He’s quite the conversationalist, and knows quite a bit more than one would expect of an uneducated halfling…


Wilibod is 23 years old, and has spent the last thirteen years of his life as Dair’s Landing’s resident rat-catcher. When asked why he doesn’t work on his family’s river barge, he simply grins and says he’d rather rummage through people’s houses than work at an honest living. Still, despite frequenting the homes and shops of nearly everyone in town, nothing has ever gone missing while he’s around and most everyone views him as a good friend. He has a permanent room at the Slumbering Catfish Inn, paid for by his non-stop battle against the rats that raid the kitchen.

Wilibod Ratfork

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